Thank you to everyone who joined us for our class Christmas party! The kids had a fun, sugary time! Please feel free to save any pictures of your child below.
 Our week began with an extended fire drill, and an impromptu visit to the gym!

 Miss Memphis came to visit! She read us a book, and answered all of our questions!

 During the party, we decorated edible Christmas trees! Lots of sugar and fun!

 We said goodbye to our sweet friend! We know her family is going to enjoy their new home across the country!

We worked as a team to decorate each other as Christmas trees!

On Thursday, we had our first field trip of the school year! Students explored Japanese culture through different learning stations at the Botanic Gardens in Memphis. There, students created fans, koi windsocks, drank green tea at a tea ceremony, and much more! Thank you to all the parents who came with us! The day could not have been as successful without you!

Welcome to our class website! Here, you can find our weekly newsletters, parent resources, student resources, and helpful links. Please take time to explore the different elements of the website. Each week, I will add the newsletter for the week. This can be found under the "Newsletters" tab. By clicking this tab, you will be taken to a Google Drive that houses all of the newsletters for the school year.

I will also use this website to add pictures throughout the school year. Here are a few pictures from our fun first week! This week we focused on teamwork and building our friendships! We worked together to save Fred the gummy worm from his capsized boat, and we used construction paper to attempt to build the longest paper chain!

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